Ireland: Chapter 3 Busy Belfast Bus


“When we cross the border, you’ll see the yellow line turn white. Also, everything’s more difficult. You’ll use pounds instead of euros, miles instead of km. It’s all UK there, so be prepared.” She said it as a joke, but part of me thought she was being somewhat serious. The girls behind me continued to… Continue Reading

Weekend Adventure: San Francisco Saturday


“Wait, this goes through Big Sur?” Jay asked, shocked that he didn’t already know this piece of fantastic information. “Yes, the 1 goes along the coast, which passes through Big Sur. It’ll come out in Monterey & Santa Cruz.” “Okay, well now we have to go San Francisco.” “It’s only logical.” I replied. I had… Continue Reading

Chapter Five: Tricky Tuesday


“Aw but it’s a big day! Here, have a lollipop.” The banker said. I smirked, “Thanks, purple’s fine.” …. Now Tuesday. Well Tuesday was going to be me doing whatever. I figured the best thing for today was some solitude wandering through the French Quarter and areas Mom and I hadn’t explored.┬áMaybe I’d find some… Continue Reading

Chapter Four: Museum Monday


“Have a nice day, young lady.” “Thanks, you too, old sir.” …. Monday wasn’t planned past getting the car from Enterprise. I’d considered the art museums or etc, but nothing was set in stone. It was a half hour walk to Enterprise or a five minute call to them for a pick up.┬áSince I’d had… Continue Reading