Chapter 12: Hassles & Hobbits

“How’d it go?” Asked the staff member. “Good, got everything I needed to, thanks!” I said. I thanked her a couple times for her help. She’d been crazy patient. Most of my days began with a cafe stop in Petone, a few have started in the city, but not many. Today was Petone for sure…. Continue Reading

Chapter 8: The Rover to Rivendell

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” You shouldn’t have lent him that. ” Commented Paul, pointing at Tom and his newly acquired toy. ” You’re never going to see it again.” I totally agreed. The Wellington Rover was going to pick me up at the Civic Center at 8:30, so I had to get up early and take the bus… Continue Reading

Chapter 3: Museum & Movie, part 2


“Oh, it so smooth, and heavy. ” He was talking about my credit card. You see, after the museum I was still hungry. I don’t eat a lot at home, but I eat even less on trips. Something about spending money on food on a trip just bugs me. However, at the moment, I was… Continue Reading

Chapter 3: Museum & Movie, part 1


” This is the second time I’ve done that! Oh dear! ” The woman exclaimed. Thank goodness I didn’t get on the wrong bus. I thought. Though there’s still plenty of time. Spoiler: I didn’t get on the wrong bus at all. Whew! I almost did though to start the day because not one, not… Continue Reading