Chapter Three: See Ya Sunday

“You want a bag? ” The cashier asked. “Yes please, I have a long walk ahead.” I replied, anxious to get on my way. …. Mom and I woke up late again. I dunno what it is, but we keep doing that here. I’ll find myself continuing to do so after she leaves too. It… Continue Reading

Mini Chapter: Buses & Books


“Hey there, ready?” I heard a low voice in front of me. It was one of the cashiers at the very low counter. He had a black beanie, well trimmed dark beard, wore plaid shirt and a leather cuff on his wrist. “Oh! Yes. Sorry. ” I had been distracted by thoughts and wasn’t paying… Continue Reading

Chapter 13: Sammy, Seuss, & the Sea

*Prrrrrrrrrrtt* The teenage boys sat on the edge of the dock eating premade chicken nuggets. All three were in raggedy shirts and sweatshirts. One with a large tear in the rear of his pants (revealing superman boxers) let a very loud fart, which made everyone on the dock turn. His friends hi-fived him. 5am approached… Continue Reading