Ireland: Chapter 2 Miscellaneous Museums


“Why is this so important to you?” Asked the Irishman, dressed in informal military clothes. “I feel he should be recognized for his life. He was never name or awarded anything, and for my family, before he dies, he should be acknowledged.” Replied the elderly Irishman.

Chapter 13: Sammy, Seuss, & the Sea

*Prrrrrrrrrrtt* The teenage boys sat on the edge of the dock eating premade chicken nuggets. All three were in raggedy shirts and sweatshirts. One with a large tear in the rear of his pants (revealing superman boxers) let a very loud fart, which made everyone on the dock turn. His friends hi-fived him. 5am approached… Continue Reading

Chapter 7: Birds, Books, and Bears

” Oh my, ” he commented, ” that’s a heavy card.” I cannot stress enough how much excitement my credit card is bringing. I think it helps to remind myself how much I’ve spent so far. I’ve seen people flip it around and stare, pet it, rotate, look up at me with questioning eyes, and… Continue Reading

Chapter 3: Museum & Movie, part 2


“Oh, it so smooth, and heavy. ” He was talking about my credit card. You see, after the museum I was still hungry. I don’t eat a lot at home, but I eat even less on trips. Something about spending money on food on a trip just bugs me. However, at the moment, I was… Continue Reading