Scotland: Chapter 3 Where to Wednesday


“Excuse me, are you a visitor here?” The soliciting old man asked.

“Uh mm..yes…” I replied, curious and cautiously.

“Would you be willing to be a part of a survey about how our visitors are experiencing Edinburgh?” He asked, with a hopeful tone.

I wasn’t sure what I’d do with that. He only needed an email, and he had lots of ID proof that he worked for a research company. Hmm, I thought.

Scotland: Chapter 2 Tuesday Trek


“Do you know what you want?” The waitress asked, American accent standing.

“Uh, yes, just some lavender tea, please. Thank you.” I said. I wasn’t up for earl grey, and I was just here to not be at home and to sit a bit.

Scotland: Chapter 1 Moving Monday


“Well, here are the keys, and if there’s anything you need, we’re just around the corner.”

“Thanks, much appreciated. ” I replied. John left, closing the self locking door behind him.

England: Chapter 2 Rainy Ramblings


“You should try the whiskey tour, though I suggest doing it after twelve…otherwise it’s a bit weird..” Said the cashier in her heavy English accent.

“Ha, I’ll give that a look. Thanks” I said, knowing that my friends would be all over that if they were going to Edinburgh too.